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Selling more courses

Have you created and sold an online course?How did it go? Did you go the “build it and they will come” route?(you know…the part where you spent weeks or months creating a course and then discovering that nobody knows you exist and even when they discover you…they don’t want your course).If that sounds like you,

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Lead Magnet Delivery Funnel Thats GDPR Friendly

If you’re looking to grow a list of prospects then at some point you’ll need to start building an email list.So how are you going to get those emails?One method for generating email leads is to give a resource for free in exchange for an email address, but since May 2018 and the inception of

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5 Automation Myths Debunked

Automation marketing seems to be the new savior right now, and why not?After all, it’s “set and forget” and most of the email service providers like Mailchimp and Get Response are upgrading their platforms to handle more and more automation features – it must be a positive sign of growth right?Yes and no.  In this

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single optin versus double optin, which is best?

Single opt in vs. double opt in – which is best?

There’s been an argument that’s been raging since the dawn of email marketing; single opt in versus double opt in – which one is best?The people on the Single Opt in side (SO), say that they want to get the most amount of people possible on their list, so why add a friction point by

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Mike not only provided validation, he provided all of the necessary information that was required to get things started and finished. He also helped with copy, email automation, landing page optimization, pricing and setting up the back end.

Tom Chalky

...the value that (Mike) offered was to take my ideas and give them a structure and a form and then build it...which was huge for me. 

Brad Lazarus

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