What Makes Us Different

You bring the objective, I bring the understanding of how to make the objective into reality. 

You bring your vision, I provide the execution of that vision. 

You provide an ethical service that improves the lives of your customers. You're in business for the long term and have no interest in short cuts or half measures.

I specialize in the creation and optimization of marketing and sales automation sequences and internal worfklows to create growth for businesses selling digital goods and services online.

My aim is to help you to meet or exceed your goals and be a partner "in your corner" on the journey towards success.

I bring 12 years+ experience working online, developing content, driving traffic, building and refining automation sequences and solving problems.

I design robust solutions that stand up under real world situations. I test, refine and support my solutions so you won't be at the mercy of yet another "build and abandon" style freelancer. 

There's just me - so you won't be lost in the shuffle. I only work with a small number of clients, so you can be confident that you get direct access to me and not some unpaid intern (oh...did I say that out loud?).

What Our Clients Say...

Brad Lazarus

...the value that (Mike) offered was to take my ideas and give them a structure and a form and then build it...which was huge for me. With this system now I'm able to think a little bit more freely and creatively about how we structure offers...because I know there is flexibility.

Tom Chalky

Mike not only provided validation, he provided all of the necessary information that was required to get things started and finished. He also helped with copy, email automation, landing page optimization, pricing and setting up the back end.

Bob Summers

The thing I liked most about working with Mike is that he has both a bird's eye view and a worm's eye view of marketing. He helped me with the big marketing picture and he helped me understand how to implement ActiveCampaign to accomplish my goals to win new customers.

B. Fantroy

Mike was able to break down and simplify a lot of what would be a complex process. Mike was attentive and stayed patient to make sure I completely understood the process.

The Journey

Starting out with organic content back in the "easy" days of SEO, to working on the editorial team of a "content farm" publisher, then transitioning over to agency work (think lead generation, conversion tracking, SEM and analytics) and finally to automation, I have more than 12 years of experience working in digital marketing, seeing the trends and changes first hand.

Before that, I was a weekend warrior musician, learning how to build an audience online. By day I was working as an inventory control supervisor in a thriving health food distribution warehouse as it transitioned to digital inventory systems that was ISO 9000 certified.

The combination of all of these experiences have contributed to the founding of Automation Engage, resulting in the strategy and tactics required to leverage technology and create growth systems for selling digital goods or services online.

Next steps for Automation Engage include expanding the team while honing our offerings to perfectly complement successful online business owners.

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Meet The Team

Michael Ippersiel
Founder & Strategist

Okay, "meet the team" sounds a little pretentious right now, because there's just me and my automation systems and sequences (but since they never sleep they are almost like a 'virtual army' of helper bots).

I've completed a veritable "tour of duty" as a digital marketing specialist working with multiple digital marketing agencies, SAAS companies and slews of small businesses for 12+ years.

My first website was born in 1996, but things began to get interesting over a decade later when I started my first WordPress blogs in 2007.  I experimented with SEO content to drive organic traffic and generate revenue from Adsense and affiliate links, earning checks from Google, Amazon and Clickbank among others.

I became a full time content creator at a large website publisher (aka content farm network) whose primary business model was PPC arbitrage back in 2008, and soaked up everything I could to figure out this "make money online" thing that was happening.

I then started working with offline clients and agency work followed, my focus turned to lead generation, conversion rate optimization, SEM and measuring results with Google Analytics.

After working in virtually every possible aspect of digital marketing, I zeroed-in on email marketing, automation and recurring online memberships, going on to form AutomationEngage.com a short while later.

'Micro-Bot' is one of dozens of automated helpers who tirelessly perform 24/7 - 365 days a year to bring leverage to your business by helping to sift and sort your prospects until they are qualified and ready to buy.

Smart because they are simple, kept in modular formations to perform a specific duty, micro-bots never call in sick, take a vacation or get in an argument with their spouse.

With the right vision and guidance, micro-bots can be combined to  bring a "more human than human" experience to your online business through behavioral response triggers and by anticipating the needs of your audience in advance.

Automated Helper

Have Questions?

Automating your business can be complex and confusing. If you're not sure what you need or the best way to start, just click the button below and ask. I will get back to you.