I recently came across some advice online from a business coach/consultant who recommended that businesses wait until they've earned $1 million dollars in revenue before automating their business.

Should you automate your business if you haven't generated $1 million in your business?  

This seemed like a great topic to dive into, so while gathering my thoughts it also occurred to me to ask other automation experts also shared their answers as well.

Would they agree that a business shouldn't automate before they hit a million dollars in sales? Here is how I posed the question:

"should you wait until you've generated $1 million worth of revenue before starting to automate your business? If you disagree, how would you start using automation in a business that has yet to generate $1 million dollars in sales?"

I asked a select group of marketing automation experts who I respect and have learned from along the way and a few of them were kind enough to contribute to this post.

...I also included my response to the question as well. 😉

If you'd like to find out what we think about automating before you've reached $1 million in business revenue, click below to find out.