Chris Davis of Automation Bridge and ActiveCampaign

Chris L. Davis
Former Director of Education @activeCampaign

"should you wait until you've generated $1 million worth of revenue before starting to automate your business?

Someone who says systematizing, SOPs, automation, and documenting processes is a waste of time if you're not already making $1 million is an absolute fool. There is no other way to put this. Clearly the gentlemen in this video have never experienced automation done correctly.

It appears as if they only have experience with businesses that do it wrong and fail and have never seen it work correctly.

Speaking from someone who has engineered marketing systems that have grossed much over $1 million I can unequivocally say you not only need automation to get to a million, you need to use it to keep your million(s), and you also need it to grow your millions. It's that simple...get, keep, grow.

Now, with that I will say it is not recommended to try to automate too much too early. The key is manually execute your processes so you understand what it takes to run your business profitably. As time goes on you will transition some of your processes from manual to automated. You should NEVER wait until you've made a million dollars to do so. 

Most small businesses fail in the first 5 years, even less ever see $1 million in revenue. 

To ignore automating your marketing in today's age is only something a dinosaur would recommend do. Technology integrated with your marketing is today's advantage for the small business owner. Not their detriment.

If you're getting started, a simple website form that qualifies your leads based on the information they submit is the most simple and powerful form of automation for new businesses. Based on the response, it allows you to follow up in a personalized way. I always recommend starting with lead gen and adding more as time goes on and your marketing strategy matures.

Let's not forget you can also use automation for making your internal processes more efficient and effective which has an immediate impact on your capacity to take on more clients and make more money.

Lastly, these guys do every small business owner a disservice by speaking as if this journey is linear and you cannot do the next step until the previous step is completed. That is just wrong.

You can still learn how to sell AND learn how to automate at the same time. One does not have to wait for the other to be complete.

Again, you have to know how to do it so it's just as important for you to educate yourself on how to properly integrate automation into your marketing and sales strategy. Training that clearly these gentlemen did not get.