You made it to the end...congratz!

So there you have it, multiple automation specialists who disagree with waiting until reaching $1 million in business revenue before automating aspects of your business.

Is it possible that we're a little biased? Perhaps...but I will point out that of the experts who've agreed to participate only two have offer formal automation services (myself and Dave Wooding's Integrate Pro).

Key takeaways from all of the responses include:

  • Automation isn't black or white...something you do or don't do based on a number. It can be deployed early on to save time and excessive staffing costs when implemented correctly

  • Automation amplifies the actions you already do. 'Busy work' occurs when building out complex systems to achieve something that hasn't been achieved manually.

  • Automated scheduling and screening processes are effective ways to save time for service providers and consultants.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.  I've included some further resources to check out below as well as an invite to hop on a free 20 minute consult with me if you have any questions about where to start.

We can chat briefly about strategy and systems and if there's a fit...I'd be happy to help you automate and optimize your digital goods and/or services business.

Additional Automation Resources