Are you generating consistent sales with email marketing and automation?

Or are you chasing conversions and revenue while launching products ceaselessly just trying to make ends meet?

There is a reason why consistent revenue has been eluding you and there’s a very good chance that it’s not what you think it is...

...but first I’d like to share a story about a client of mine named Tom who was in a similar situation.

You see, Tom built a nice little business for himself designing fonts and graphics. He sold them to professional designers, enthusiasts and hobbyists often for as little as $17-$27 dollars.

And while sales were often brisk... he had to make a ton of them to be able to make ends meet.

Not only that, he also had to do it all over again once the calendar rolled over to a new month.

So there he was...on a virtual “product treadmill” churning out products on-the-regular or else his revenue would nosedive.

It went this way for some time before Tom and I found each other.

I noticed he was using ActiveCampaign and thought perhaps he could use some help with automation sequences…

Tom politely declined but said he would love some assistance with conversions instead...

So I sent him a bunch of screenshots of different areas of his site that he could revise in order to improve his conversions. Tom liked what he saw and we started working together.

On our first Skype call, after proposing conversion improvements to Tom’s site, I mentioned an idea for his business that came out of left field. Tom was cautiously optimistic and decided to give it a shot.

We fired up a 3-tier email campaign, launched over 3 weeks with a different targeted audience from his database each week...and the sales started rolling in.

In less than one month of working together (and after three months of steadily declining  revenue) Tom’s business had it’s highest month of sales revenue ever.

Building off this offer and adding paid traffic to the mix, Tom successfully created a $90K USD recurring revenue stream in less than 24 months (and there’s no reason why he can’t keep growing it to $100k and beyond)!

But this success didn’t have anything to do with focusing on conversions...or automation sequences (which were the first two things Tom and I wanted to address when we found each other online).

So what was the secret of this $90K recurring annual revenue success?

To find out what the real secret was behind growing a $90k annual recurring income and the truth about a hidden constraint that could be blocking the growth in your business - hit continue below.