The CRM and ESP software providers would rather that you didn’t know this one crucial fact…

...this stuff is hard!

The software by itself doesn’t put your business on “autopilot”. 

You still need to know how to use the software and have a solid strategy in place to get the software to grow your business.

Without the skill and strategy, well the software can actually hurt you more than it helps. Consider the confusing mess of lists, tags, forms, automation sequences and bad data lurking beneath most of the businesses that I’ve audited.

In fact, don’t take my word for it...Brennan Dunn (of Double Your Freelancing and Right Message fame) has voiced similar observations.

According to Brennan, “...EVERY decently sized and sophisticated email database I’ve come across fails hard because of crappy tagging segmentation.”

(note Brennan’s emphasis on ‘every’ and fails ‘hard’ in his response above)

So let’s recap the four key points that we’ve learned

Tom couldn’t grow his business because (1) he didn’t have the right offer and strategy in place, so he was forced to grind out one new low-priced product after another, month after month to make ends meet.

Steve, while having a multi-million dollar per year business, couldn’t achieve his growth goals because of (2) inefficient legacy systems and bad data.

And part of the reason successful businesses end up with growth-stalling bad data is because (3) the ESP and CRM software companies are waving a flag saying how ‘easy’ and ‘autopilot’ all this stuff can be…(if you just use their software).

When in’s more like “cruise control”, you still have to keep your eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel...but can ease off on the gas.

Which is why online business owners need the (4) guidance and skills from someone with the strategy, experience and outside perspective to identify the gaps in their existing business and help fill them in.

Successful online business owners are too busy focusing on growing the business, developing their vision, innovating their products and services, partnering with others… other words, focusing on their greatest strengths, the work that only they can do to work ON the business...

They shouldn’t be burying their head INSIDE the business, messing around with the CRM while trying to figure out why the segments are messed up and conversions aren’t happening (just sayin’).

Now let’s level with each other for a minute here…

...if you were truly satisfied with the growth of your business, would you have read through these pages up until now?

And if you truly had the time, skills, experience and know-how to sort these problems out in your business...wouldn’t you have done so already?

Now I hope that I’ve shed a bit of light on some of the real reasons that online businesses get stuck in a rut and can’t grow. 

Maybe you can go back with some fresh eyes, consult with your team and start turning things around…

...or maybe you’d prefer to have a brief chat and see if there is a fit for us to work together? 

The fact that you’ve read this far already tells me that you’re serious about making a change and that my message is also making sense.

I have had the honour of being “the guy” for both Tom and Steve’s business along with numerous other clients I’ve worked with over the years, and I’d like to extend that same opportunity to you.

There’s no commitment on your part, aside from having a 20 minute chat to see if there’s a mutual fit to start working together to eliminate the obstacles in the way of growing your business.

So whether you’d like to get off the “product launch treadmill” like Tom did, or break the invisible ceiling that was stalling the growth in Steve’s business (as a result of bad data and inefficient legacy systems) the main point don’t need to figure it out all on your own.

Take the next step, book a meeting and lets tackle these roadblocks together.

To your continued success,

Mike Ippersiel