Protect Thrive Apprentice Content with ActiveMember360

step 1

Enable Thrive Apprentice Post Types

This short video shows how to enable the Module, Chapter and Lesson post types for Thrive Apprentice inside of ActiveMember360 so that you can later protect it by assigning them to a membership level.

step 2

Protect Post Types with AM360 Bulk Editor

Learn how to use the AM360 bulk editor feature to assign content to a membership level to protect it from being viewed by anyone who doesn't meet the membership requirements (i.e. not having a purchase tag).

step 3

Alternate Protection Method: Role To Tags Mapping

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Instead of restricting content access by membership level, you can also do this by assigning limits to WordPress roles. This video gives an overview on how to set this up with Thrive Apprentice and ActiveMember360.

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