Thrive Apprentice – protect content with ActiveMember360

Is it possible for those using Thrive Apprentice to protect content with ActiveMember360? Can you restrict access to Apprentice modules, chapters and lessons?

I recently came across a similar question in a Facebook group for ActiveMember360:

"Hello,  I wonder if it is possible to restrict access to Thrive Apprentice courses and lessons using ActiveMember360?"

My answer to his question was simply "yes", but I didn't go into further detail at the I will elaborate further now.

Yes, you can easily protect any of your Thrive Apprentice courses, lessons or modules pages in a few simple steps with ActiveMember360, a membership plugin for WordPress.

First I'll show you how you easily achieve this, but at the end I'll also give you a good reason why you might consider not protecting your Thrive Apprentice content with ActiveMember360.

How to Protect Thrive Apprentice Content with ActiveMember360

Before starting with ActiveMember360 you'll need to integrate it by including the URL and API keys from ActiveCampaign within the API Settings/License area within ActiveMember360.

Once that is out of the way you can follow the steps below to secure your Thrive Apprentice content.

Step 1 - Enable Thrive Apprentice Post Types

You'll need to enable three different post types for Thrive Apprentice before you can protect them with ActiveMember360.

Step 2 - Assign post types to a membership level or tag

The option to edit your post types will now be listed on the submenu in AM360. Clicking on a post type allows you to edit all of that particular post type in the bulk editor.

Step 3 - Save your work & Repeat with all Post Types

Done protecting all of your Thrive Apprentice "lesson" post types? Don't forget to also protect any "module" and "chapter" post types as well and save your work.

 Step 1:  Enable Thrive Apprentice Post Types

Access your ActiveMember360 settings via the WordPress side navigation and click on "ActiveMember360".

Next click on "Bulk Editor" ad the center of your screen you should be able to see "Bulk Editor Post Types" with two columns, one is "enabled" and the other is "disabled.

You should then be able to identify the following three Thrive Apprentice post types:

  • Tva_module
  • Tva_chapter
  •  Tva_lesson

 Drag each one of the post types over to the "Enabled" column and click "Save changes".

This allows AM360 to "see" these post types making it easy to enable content protection on modules, chapters or lessons built with Thrive Apprentice from within the ActiveMember360 bulk editor.

 Step 2:  Use the bulk editor to protect your Thrive Apprentice lessons, modules and chapter post types.

 Once the post types have been enabled, AM360 conveniently groups all your Thrive Apprentice content types together, so if you enable lessons, chapters and modules for Thrive Apprentice you'll end up with the following links from the side sub menu in ActiveMember360.

  You can protect access to any of these post types by assigning a protected membership level or use a specific tag in the "Only/Not these Tags" section...or even a combination of the two (ActiveMember360 is nothing if not flexible).

Find your lesson name and place a check beside the membership level you want it protected under. Then click the red "Save Permissions" button.

 Click the red "Save Permissions" button when you're finished locking down your content.

You can also lock down content with AM360 within the WordPress post/page edit screen.

You can also protect pages or blog posts individually within the WordPress editor once ActiveMember360 has been enabled. Just check the membership level you want the post or page protected under...super simple.

 You can also lock down content by assigning access via a WordPress Role, so that only people with the correct role can view the content. You need to associate a tag with a role inside AM360 in the "Roles to Tags Mapping" area on the side navigation.

Example - if you're selling a course inside Thrive Apprentice you could create a Purchase tag to identify those who've paid for access, then map that purchase tag to a Role called "Student".  

Next, inside the Thrive Apprentice course you want to protect click on the "access restrictions" tab and under WordPress Role you could place a check beside the student role".

Thrive Apprentice Content Protection?

 Any of the above methods will work to protect your Thrive Apprentice content with ActiveMember360.

However, as a Thrive Apprentice customer you'll automatically gain access to version 4.0 on January 25, 2022 which will allow you to protect and drip content directly with Thrive Apprentice without any other external membership plugin.

You will still require a way to take payments via Thrivecart, Samcart or the simple checkout functionality within ActiveMember360 however.

Have any questions about protecting your Thrive Apprentice content with ActiveMember360? Ask me in the comments below.

This post was inspired by this question on Facebook.


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